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Unusual false-positive results of whole-body 131I scintigraphy: Four different case scenarios

Volume 27, Issue 2, July 2019, Pages 149-153

Alireza Emami-Ardekani; Hamidreza Amini; Sara Harsini; Armaghan Fard-Esfahani; Mohammad Eftekhari

How to manage patients with undetectable thyroglobulin but thyroid residue after radioiodine ablative therapy in differentiated thyroid carcinoma, retreatment or observation?

Volume 25, Issue 1, January 2017, Pages 51-59

Babak Fallahi; Armaghan Fard-Esfahani; Alireza Emami-Ardekani; Somayeh Sahari; Davood Beiki; Arman Hassanzadeh-Rad; Seyed Mohammad Abedi; Parham Geramifar; Mohammad Eftekhari

Radiation dose of caregivers could be reduced in thyroid carcinoma patients requiring high dose of radioactive iodine: A case report

Volume 24, Issue 2, July 2016, Pages 144-146

Lebriz Uslu-Beşli; Mustafa Demir; Nami Yeyin; İffet Çavdar

Radioiodine therapy for hyperthyroidism

Volume 19, Issue 2, December 2011, Pages 1-12

Pezhman Fard-Esfahani; Davood Beiki; Babak Fallahi; Armaghan Fard-Esfahani; Alireza Emami-Ardekani; Mojtaba Ansari; Mohammad Eftekhari

Estimation of absorbed dose of salivary glands in radioiodine therapy and its reduction using pilocarpine [Persian]

Volume 15, Issue 2, October 2007, Pages 1-8

Dariyush Shahbazi-Gahrouei; Zahra Shahi; Kourosh Ziaie; Ehsan Khodamoradi

Radioiodine treatment effects on lacrimal glands function in patients with thyroid cancer [Persian]

Volume 13, Issue 2, December 2005, Pages 6-14

Armaghan Fard-Esfahani; Fariba Akhzari; Hossein Mirshekarpour; Mohsen Saghari; Mohammad Eftekhari; Sina Izadyar; Javad Esmaili; Babak Fallahi; Davood Beiki; Abbas Takavar

Radioiodine therapy effects on salivary gland function in patients with differentiated thyroid cancer [Persian]

Volume 11, Issue 1, November 2003, Pages 17-21

Armaghan Fard-Esfahani; Reza Olamaei; Mohammad Eftekhari; Mohsen Saghari; Babak Fallahi; Davood Beiki