Development of 153Sm/177Lu-EDTMP as a possible therapeutic complex

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1 Radiopharmaceutical Research and Development Lab (RRDL), Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute (NSTRI), P.O. Box 14395-836, Tehran, Iran

2 Research Center for Nuclear Medicine, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran


Introduction:Targeted radionuclide therapy (TRT) has been demonstrated to be an effective therapeutic tool in patients with disseminated bone metastasis. TRT is generally performed with a single radionuclide. In this study we investigated the feasibility of combined TRT with a high-energy beta emitter (153Sm) and a low energy beta emitter (177Lu) in wistar rats.
Methods: The cocktail complex of 153Sm/177Lu-EDTMP was prepared. To determine the effect of metal-to-ligand (Me:EDTMP) molar ratio on labeling yield, several complex were analyzed after changing Me:EDTMP molar ratio from 1:1 to 1:50. 153Sm/177Lu-EDTMP was administered intravenously through the tail vein of wistar rats. Biodistribution data were collected at 2 hours to 7 day post injection and scintigraphic images were taken at 24 hours and 1, 2 week after administration of radiopharmaceutical.
Results: The results revealed high skeletal uptake (3.5% and 3.4% ID/g at 24 hours post injection for 153Sm and 177Lu, respectively) with rapid blood clearance and minimal uptake in any of the major organs. Scintigraphic images verified high skeletal uptake.

Conclusion: Our results indicate that the combination of 153Sm and 177Lu is feasible and safe. This study suggests that the combination of different radionuclides with different radiation energies and half-life, such as 153Sm and 177Lu, could be advantageous in patients with tumoral lesions of different sizes.


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