Peer Review Process

Peer review and publication processes

All submitted manuscripts are subject to peer review and editorial approval.

1- For paper submission, author should refer to the journal website and register himself/herself as an author using the "Register" link. After receiving their username and password via e-mail, the author could use the "Submit paper" link, log in, and submit the manuscript.

2- If the received manuscript is not written according to the journal format (considering the format in sectioning, the number of words in abstract, references, etc.…) and/or the English language does not meet the required quality, the manuscript will be sent back to the corresponding author for revision and re-submission.

3- Manuscripts having the above-mentioned criteria are referred to the related section editor. If the paper fits to the specified fields of the journal and has innovation, then it will be sent to two or more national and international referees expert in that specific field. The corresponding author could also suggest potential reviewers to the journal at the time of submission. However, the editor reserves the right to select or refuse to use the suggested potential reviewers.

4- If the nature of the work and the results necessitates deep statistical analysis, by suggestion of the Editor-in-Chief and/or referees, the manuscript is reviewed by a statistics expert as well.

5- Each reviewer suggests alteration/corrections or additional work to be done, asks questions to be answered by the author, and makes an overall opinion about the manuscript as being: acceptable as it is, acceptable after minor/major revision, or not acceptable. The reviewers comments are then sent to the corresponding author.

6- After receiving the modified version of the manuscript and/or author’s answers to the reviewers questions, it will be sent to a final reviewer. If the modifications and/or answers are not adequate, it will be sent back to the corresponding author with a specified deadline to send the final corrected version.

7- The final corrected version of the manuscript is sent back to the same final reviewer. Then, the comments and the overall opinion of the final reviewer are evaluated by the Editor, and the final decision (the acceptance letter or a letter informing the author of not accepting the manuscript) will be sent to the corresponding author.

8- Authors will be able to check the progress of their manuscript through the submission system at any time by logging into the journal website.