Intestinal duplication with ectopic gastric mucosa diagnosed by Meckel's diverticulum scan

Document Type : Case Report


1 Department of Nuclear Medicine, Command Hospital, Pune, India

2 Department of Paediatric surgery, Command Hospital, Pune, India


Gastrointestinal duplications are rare congenital malformations and they may vary greatly in presentation, size, location and symptoms. The presence of ectopic gastric mucosa (EGM) in them is not common and they are difficult to diagnose prior to surgery. We present the case of a child with long intestinal duplication with ectopic gastric mucosa who presented with just severe anaemia and delayed milestones without any history of evident bleeding or abdominal symptoms and was accurately diagnosed prior to surgery with Meckel’s scan. The case highlights the importance of the simple pertechnetate Meckel’s scan in the imaging armamentarium involved in the evaluation of such cases.


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