Retrospective analysis of I-131 therapy in patients with follicular carcinoma of the thyroid [Persian]

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Research Institute for Nuclear Medicine, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran


In research institute for nuclear medicine (Tehran University of Medical Sciences) 50 patients with follicular thyroid carcinoma were evaluted retrospectively. The purpose of the study was assesment of the response of iodine-131 therapy. The best result were achieved when the patient treated with iodine-131 for the first time, in the 4th decade of life, with total thyroidectomy and no metastasis. The most common site of distant metastasis was in the lung. The results of this research emphases, nessecity of total thyroidectomy before iodine therapy, and administration of the sufficient dose of 1-131 for the first time. Also there was a fairly good correlation between the results of the treated and nontreated patients with thyroglobulin levels.

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