Preparation of human serum albumin microspheres (MSA) kit for lung imaging in Iran [Persian]

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Department of Radioisotope, Nuclear Research Center, AOEI, Tehran, Iran


Radiolabeled Microspheres of human serum albumin (MSA) is of great importance in the analysis of regional lung perfusion. Preparation of MSA kit has been installed in our Division recently is carried out in two stages: 1. Production of albumin sphere particles with suitable sizes by using the spinning disk technique. 2. Formulation of MSA as a radiopharmacutical kit. So it can be labelled simphy with TC - 99m in a short time and uptaken by the lungs within 15 mins when injected intravenously. More than 90% of Microsphere particles of injected dose are trapped by about 0.2% of pulmonary capillaries, which remain cssentialy unchanged within the first two hours after injection. After labelling the suspended Microspheres having a diameter between 10-50 mm and there are about 750000 to 850000 particles by vial. The biological half life of Microspheres in the lungs is 4 hours. All the procedure of preparation is under control and each vial is presented sterile, Pyrogen-free Lyophilized Mixture under vacum. No significant antigenic properties have been observed with denatured Albumin. The observed symptoms were attributed rather to the size and quantity of injected Microsphers. Many patients had repeated lung scans. However, no case of anaphylatoid reaction to human albumin microsphere has been reported.

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