Preparation of Indium Pentetate complex (¹¹¹In-DTPA) [Persian]

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1 Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran

2 Department of Radioisotope, Nuclear Research Center, AOEI, Tehran, Iran


There is no organometalic compound of Indium known to exist naturally in the human body. However, a number of compounds prepared with ¹¹¹In have been evaluated for localization studies. The useful radioactive decay characteristics and the suitable chemical properties of the metal ion have drawn attention of many investigators resulting in the preparation of numerous ¹¹¹In labeled compounds for potential medical applications. One of them is ¹¹¹In-DTPA complex that is used for cerebro spinal fluid studies. In the present study, DTPA has been chelated with ¹¹¹In by employing various methods and then tested for its stability in vitro during storage and in human plasma. Three methods for the preparation of ¹¹¹In-DTPA were used. In every method, labeling efficiency and radiochemical purity were determined by chromatography systems.

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