Evaluation of radiochemical purities of routinely used radiopharmaceuticals: Three years’ experience of a single institute

Document Type : Original Article


Institute of Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine (IRNUM), Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan


Introduction: Radiochemical purity (RCP) is a routine quality control test carried out at nuclear medicine to determine the concentration of various chemical species present in the radiopharmaceuticals (RPs). The present work describes three years of experience in a single institute for the measurement of these impurities in the RPs preparations.
Methods: The RCP of different cold kit preparations were performed by chromatographic methods. Specifically, a small drop of the aliquot was spotted on the specific paper acting as the stationary phase and then developed in different solvents as mobile phases. The developed chromatograms were then quantified for various chemical species by Mini TLC scanner or well type counter.
Results:The retention factor (Rf) values for the different chemical species in the labeling of RP were measured by using single, double or triple solvent systems. It was observed that 2.70% of the kits had RCP less than the acceptable limit whereas 97.30% kits were found within the permissible levels.
Conclusion: Chromatographic techniques used for the assessment of RCP offer sufficiently good results for identification and separation of different chemical impurities.


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