An eight-year study of the thyroid cancer cases treated in Tehran Cancer Institute’s radiation-oncology Department [Persian]

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Department of Radiation-Oncology, Cancer Institute, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran


A retrospective study was undertaken to examine the thyroid cancer cases referred for external radiotherapy to our department during the period of 1991-99. Within this period, a total of 33 patients had been treated by irradiation for thyroid cancer or its metastases and these cases were evaluated for age, sex, pathology and type of surgery. The reason of patients’ referral for external radiotherapy (The main aim of our study) was tumor extensive infiltration of the neck soft tissue and/or lymph nodes in 21 cases (64%), and tumor metastasis in 12 cases (36%). Twenty-one patients came back for follow-up, who were all symptom-free 12-18 months after irradiation.

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