Clinical course and treatment response in patients with Thyroid hot nodule [Persian]

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Research Institute for Nuclear Medicine, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran


This is a retrospective study on clinical course and treatment response of patients with thyroid hot nodule, referred to nuclear medicine department of Shariati Hospital from 1360 to 1377. From the total 58 patients with average age of 43 yr and incidence peak of 40 yr, 81% were female and 19% were male. 64% of the patients were thyrotoxic and 36% were euthyroid at presentation. Thyrotoxic symptoms and signs increased with age (P=0.04). 57% of patients received I-131 therapy without premedication. 7% received antithyroid drugs first and then underwent iodine therapy. From 36% of the patients who were euthyroid at presentation, 15.5% became thyrotoxic on follow up studies and received I-131 therapy, but 20.7% remained euthyroid without receiving any therapy. The average of first and cumulative radioiodine doses were 16.9 mci and 21.8 mci, respectively. Treatment response during 6 and 12 month follow up were 80% and 86.7%, respectively. The more administered the first dose, the better was the response (P=0.03). Men appeared to need more I-131 dosage and times of therapy as compared to women. Post radioiodine hypothyroidism incidence was 7.5% during one yr follow up. No meaningful relation was found between times of radioiodine therapy and thyroid or nodule size.

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