How public fear from radiation in nuclear medicine can be reduced? [Persian]

Document Type : Review Article


Department of Nuclear Medicine, Shahid Beheshti Hospital, Babol University of Medical Sciences, Babol, Iran


Today, nuclear medicine has rapidly been developed so that in some cases, plays a unique role in diagnosis but unfortunalty in spite of diagnostic and therapeutic advantages, the term “NUCLEAR” can induce worries in patients and society. In this article, base on new documents, we intend to show that this worries has no scientific basis. To produce a realistic view, regarding to radiation protection we used several ways such as natural origin of radiation, high natural background radiation areas’ data, non-linear dose-effect model, risk versus benefit, use of arbitrary unit for measurement of radiation, radioadaptive response and radiation hormesis. Harmful effects of radiation on biologic systems has obviously been shown, but most of related documents are based on receiving high doses in nuclear and atomic accidents and explosions and radiation protection regulations are based on this observation. So, it sometimes causes patients are afraid of low doses of radiation in medical diagnostic procedures so that some of them even resist against performing this procedures. Thus, being aware of scientific realities and new related findings can significantly reduce fear from radiation in patients and all society.


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