Keywords = Monte Carlo Simulation
A Monte Carlo study on quantification of scattering and edge penetration in a breast-dedicated SPECT scanner with lofthole collimation

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 24 April 2023


Maryam Saed; Alireza Sadremomtaz; Hojjat Mahani

InRaDoS: An internal radiation dosimetry computer program

Volume 29, Issue 2, July 2021, Pages 79-85

Alireza Sadre Momtaz; Farzin Safarnejad Sheikhangafsheh

A new approach to scatter correction in SPECT images based on Klein_Nishina equation

Volume 21, Issue 1, June 2013, Pages 19-25

Mohsen Hajizadeh Saffar; Shabnam Oloomi; Peter Knoll; Hadi Taleshi

Effect of scatter coincidences, partial volume, positron range and non-colinearity on the quantification of FDOPA Patlak analysis

Volume 20, Issue 1, December 2012, Pages 11-18

Pablo Aguiar; Charalampos Tsoumpas; Albert Cot; Javier Pavía; Domènec Ros