Volume & Issue: Volume 21, Issue 1 - Serial Number 39, June 2013 (Serial number: 39) 
Gated myocardial perfusion SPECT in patients with left bundle block but having low probability of coronary artery disease; as compared to the patients with normal electrocardiogram

Pages 7-12

Seyed Hashem Danesh-Sani; Seyed Rasoul Zakavi; Ramin Sadeghi; Mansoure Fatemi; Maryam Torabian-Kakhki; Vahid-Reza Dabbagh kakhki

A new approach to scatter correction in SPECT images based on Klein_Nishina equation

Pages 19-25

Mohsen Hajizadeh Saffar; Shabnam Oloomi; Peter Knoll; Hadi Taleshi

Effectiveness and complications of 153Sm-EDTMP in palliative treatment of diffuse skeletal metastases

Pages 26-32

Davood Beiki; Peiman Haddad; Babak Fallahi; Arash Keyvan; Ali Gholamrezanezhad; Hamidreza Mirzaei; Mohsen Saghari; Farnaz Amouzegar-Hashemi; Ali Kazemian; Armaghan Fard-Esfahani; Mohammad Eftekhari

Case Report

Sternal nonunion on bone scintigraphy: a case report

Pages 33-35

Hamid Javadi; Mehdi Moharrabi; Gholamreza Pourbehi; Ebrahim Shafiee; Majid Assadi