Volume & Issue: Volume 12, Issue 2 - Serial Number 21, December 2004 (Serial number: 22) 

Original Article

Tissue uptakes of 67Ga-bleomycin and carrier free 67Ga in fibrosarcoma-bearing mice

Pages 9-17

Faraj Tabeie; B Bolouri; Amir Reza Jalilian; N Mosaffa; Hossein Rajabi; Isa Neshandar Asli

Case Report

Dystrophic calcinosis cutis and SLE; the bone scan pattern [Persian]

Pages 1-4

Mohammad Eftekhari; Majid Assadi; Armaghan Fard-Esfahani; Davood Beiki; Babak Fallahi

Original Article

Treatment’s results of hyperthyroid patients with Iodine-131 [Persian]

Pages 5-13

Mohammad Hassan Bastan-Hagh; Bagher Larijani; paria Rahim-Tabrizi; Alireza Khalili-Fard; Reza Baradar-Jalili; Mohsen Saghari

The value of myocardial perfusion imaging in differentiating between idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy from the ischemic form [Persian]

Pages 15-20

Armaghan Fard-Esfahani; Farshad Emami; Mohammad Eftekhari; Mohsen Saghari; Babak Fallahi Sichani; Davood Beiki; Abbas Takavar