Volume & Issue: Volume 16, Issue 1 - Serial Number 29, November 2008 (Serial number: 29) 

Review Article

4D PET: Beyond conventional dynamic PET imaging

Pages 1-13

Arman Rahmim; Jing Tang

Original Article

Normal values of left ventricular functional indices in gated 99mTc-MIBI myocardial perfusion SPECT

Pages 14-19

Vahid Reza Dabbagh Kakhki; Seyed Rasoul Zakavi; Ramin Sadeghi; Mahdi Reza Emadzadeh; Amirhosein Vejdani

Synthesis, labeling and quality control of a new Neuropeptide Y analogue for diagnosis of breast tumors

Pages 20-24

Mostafa Gandomkar; Reza Najafi; Mohammad Mazidi; Mostafa Goudarzi; Seyed Esmaeil Sadat Ebrahimi

New peptide based freeze-dried kit [99mTc-HYNIC]-UBI 29-41 as a human specific infection imaging agent

Pages 25-30

Mostafa Gandomkar; Reza Najafi; Mohammad Mazidi; Mostafa Goudarzi; Seyed Hassan Mirfallah

Evaluation of the role of system matrix in SPECT images reconstructed by OSEM technique

Pages 31-36

Mohsen Hajizadeh; Seyed Rasoul Zakavi; Mehdi Momen-Nejad; Maryam Naji

Radioiodine D amino acids labeling of Rituximab, a new method for enhancing the radiopharmaceutical targetingand biostability

Pages 37-42

Keyvan Sadri; Mohammad Hossein Babaei; Mostafa Gandomkar; Reza Najafi; Seyed Rasoul Zakavi; Seyed Esmaeil Sadat Ebrahimi

The pattern of brain perfusion SPECT in non-medicated schizophrenic patients

Pages 43-51

Farzaneh Pooyafard; Babak Fallahi; Seyed Mohammad Assadi; Homayoun Amini; Davood Beiki; Armaghan Fard-Esfahani; Fatemeh Rahiminezhad; Nazila Shahmansouri; Mohammad Reza Mohammadi

Case Report

Persistent sub-diaphragmatic activity on the myocardial perfusion scan with 99mTc-Sestamibi

Pages 52-56

Ramin Sadeghi; Vahid Reza Dabbagh Kakhki; Rasoul Zakavi; Mehdi Momennezhad